Yi, Wuding-Luquan


A language of China

Alternate Names
Black Yi, Dian Dongbei Yi, Hei Yi, Nasu, Wu-Lu Yi

250,000 (2007).


Yunnan Province, Luquan, Wuding, Yongren, Lufeng, Yuanmou, Qujing, Xundian, and Huize counties; south Sichuan Province, Huili county.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Luquan Naso, Wuding Naisu. The Naisu dialect is also called Hong Yi (Red Yi). Degrees of similarity between dialects, and also with Naluo [ylo], needs further investigation.

Language Development
NT: 1948.
Miao (Pollard) script, many speakers, especially younger ones, have not learned to read it. Yi script, traditional, limited usage.
Other Comments

Officially classified within Yi nationality. Hei Yi means Black Yi. Christian, traditional religion.