Yi, Wuding-Luquan


A language of China

Alternate Names
Black Yi, Dian Dongbei Yi, Hei Yi, Nasu, Nasupho, Wu-Lu Yi

250,000 (2007).


Sichuan province: Huili county; Yunnan province: Huize, Lufeng, Luquan, Qujing, Wuding, Xundian, Yongren, and Yuanmou counties.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing). Language of recognized nationality: Yi.


Luquan Naso, Wuding Naisu. The Naisu dialect is also called Hong Yi (Red Yi). Degrees of similarity between dialects, and also with Naluo [ylo], needs further investigation.

Language Use

Used by all.

Language Development

Bible: 2016.


Miao (Pollard) script [Plrd], used at least since 1923, primary usage among Christians. Yi script [Yiii], traditional, dating from Han dynasty, limited usage.

Other Comments

Hei Yi means Black Yi. Christian, traditional religion.

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