Zhuang, Guibian


A language of China

Alternate Names
Buyei, Buyoi, Kang Yei, Northern Zhuang, Vahcuengh

1,000,000 (2007). 420,000 monolinguals.


Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Fengshan, Leyun, Lingyun, Longlin, Tianlin, and Xilin; Yunnan province: Funing, and north Guangnan.

Language Maps
Language Status

3 (Wider communication). Language of recognized nationality: Zhuang. In concentrated Guibian areas, the main trade language on market days.


None known. Some intelligibility of standard Bouyei [pcc]; none of Qiubei Zhuang [zqe], Yongbei Zhuang [zyb], or Nong Zhuang [zhn] (2011 E. Johnson). Lexical similarity: 71% with Yongbei Zhuang [zyb], 83% with Qiubei Zhuang [zqe] (northern Taic), 64%–66% with Nong Zhuang [zhn] (central Taic). A member of macrolanguage Zhuang [zha].



Language Use

All domains. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Some also use Nong Zhuang [zhn], in northern Guangnan County (Yunnan) due to intensive contact. Used as L2 by Baha Buyang [yha], E’ma Buyang [yzg], Langnian Buyang [yln], Minz Zhuang [zgm], Yerong [yrn].

Language Development

Literature. TV. Videos.


Han (Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja) script [Hani], dating from Han dynasty, mainly used in non-official domains, gaining popularity.

Other Comments

Traditional religion.

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