A language of Australia

Alternate Names
Coorna, Gaurna, Jaitjawarra, Karnuwarra, Kaura, Koornawarra, Kurumidlanta, Medaindi, Medaindie, Meljurna, Merelde, Merildekald, Meyu, Midlanta, Milipitingara, Nantuwara, Nantuwaru, Nganawara, Padnaindi, Padnayndie, Wakanuwan, Warra, Warrah, Widninga, Winaini, Winnay-nie, Winnaynie

34, all users. L1 users: No known L1 speakers, but emerging L2 speakers. Last speaker died in 1929 (2015 R. Amery). L2 users: 34 (2006 census).


South Australia state: Fleurieu peninsula; Cape Jervis south to Clare and Crystal Brook north, bounded by Gulf Saint Vincent west and Mount Lofty ranges east.

Language Status

9 (Reawakening).


None known. Most similar to Narungga [nnr].

Language Development
There is a sustained revival movement, such that there are now speakers who are able to conduct a conversation in the language, and several children are being raised as at least semi-native speakers (2015 R. Amery).
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