A language of Australia

Alternate Names
Marawari, Murawari, Murawarri, Murrawari, Muruwarri, Muruwurri

No known L1 speakers. Last known speaker survived into the 1980s (Wurm and Hattori 1981).


Queensland and New South Wales states: Bollon, Bourke, Dirranbandi, and Weilmoringle, almost to Cunnamulla.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).


SVO; noun head initial; dual number; definite article; tense and aspect; 19 consonants and 6 vowels (long and short).

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. Wonganurra Aboriginal Project has been running the Murrawari Language Project (2007); Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation had funding to teach Muruwari to students and community members for the 2008–2009 financial year.
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