Zoque, Tabasco

This page reports feedback that has been received for the Ethnologue description of this language.
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Number of speakers

Jhonnatan, Tue, 2016-05-10 09:22
ISO 639-3: 

I write to ask you to change the information about the number of speakers of Ayapa Zoque. Even though it is a complex task to determine the exact number of speakers, at least we know for sure that there are more than two. I have been working personally with four of them over the last three years as a part of my PhD dissertation in linguistics at the INALCO-SeDyL. Since 2012, these four speakers are involved in efforts to preserve and teach the language with the help of the INALI. Up to now, I know that there are between 8 to 11 more people that could be considered speakers as well (depending on what we understand as speaker in situations like these). The story about "the last two speakers who do not speak to each other" was never true in spite of efforts by Daniel Suslak, Mexico's INALI and now me to dispel it.

Editorial Action

We will update the speaker population for Tabasco Zoque [zoq] for the next edition of the Ethnologue.