Map Licenses


The individual language maps that are displayed on the Ethnologue web site are available for re-use under the following license:

Default license

The maps and other graphics found on this website may be used in reports, presentations, displays, and so on as long as it is done in accordance with the Terms of Use listed below. The maps bear "watermarks" to remind users that these are not for distribution to others, either in print or as computer files, except as noted below.

You may print or post copies of the maps and other graphics provided that:

  • the copyright and "watermark" are not removed,
  • the graphic is not modified,
  • no more than three of these graphics are used in any one publication or internet site, and
  • they are not displayed on an internet site containing adult or other content objectionable to SIL International.

Any other use requires prior written permission from SIL International.

Academic license

Each Ethnologue map is available under an academic license that authorizes you to use a high-resolution, watermark-free version of the map in a single publication provided you comply with the terms of use listed below. Before downloading the graphics file, you must agree to the following terms:

  • You may use the map in a single academic publication (e.g., dissertation, journal article, monograph). For use in another publication, you must obtain a further license.
  • You may also incorporate the graphic into the slides for academic presentations that are related to that publication.
  • You may not use more than three maps in any single publication without the prior written permission of the publisher (contact:
  • You should cite the current edition of the Ethnologue as the source of the map and indicate "Used by permission" for use that conforms to this license.
  • You may not redistribute the graphics file in any form, including sharing it via email, displaying it on a public web site, or posting it on an intranet site.

Other licensing

Licensing on any other terms, including preparation of maps in different formats or sizes or resolutions, is treated as a special order. Please contact us for a quote.