All products draw from our core Ethnologue data – but they’re designed to meet many different needs. Compare below to find the best fit for your work.

  • Subscription

    Get online access to Ethnologue, with powerful tools and search.

    Easily navigate our language and country profiles, maps, statistics, and more. We’ve built in cross-references and powerful search, so you can find answers more quickly than ever.

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  • Raw Data

    Download our Dataset for use in your own research or products.

    If you’re looking for raw data, you’ll need our Global Dataset. These files can be loaded into nearly any spreadsheet or data analysis tool – perfect for conducting research, building products, analyzing demographics, and more.

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  • Country Digests

    Get to know the linguistic landscape of a single country.

    Packaged in a convenient PDF, our country digests cover all the data available on our website, plus other features and statistical summaries. 1 Available for any country with more than eight languages.

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  • Books

    Consult our classic print edition, best for occasional or offline use.

    Refer to the printed version of our language and country profiles, maps, and more. Available in three volumes, which can be used independently or as a collection. Now in the 20th Edition (2017).

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  • Maps

    Include a language map in your academic publication.

    Get a high-resolution version of any of our language maps. No watermark, full color ﹘ ready to be dropped into your design. Maps are licensed for academic publications, but we can offer a custom license for other uses.

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  • API In Development

    Create apps or other products that pull from our language data.

    We’re creating an API of Ethnologue data, which will launch with a basic version for free and an advanced version by subscription. Interested? Contact us, and we’ll keep you posted. We’d also love to hear your ideas for using it.

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  1. These additional features include: Summary tables by language size, status, and family, listing the total number of languages and speakers that fall into each category.
    Summary list by language size, naming every language that falls into each category, along with its basic information.
    List of languages by family, including their full path in the linguistic family tree.
    List of languages by each state, province, or other administrative subdivision of the country.
    Deaf population.
    Index of ISO codes.
    Index of all primary and alternate language names.
    Full bibliography for the country’s data.